Final Results for 21-22 March 2015

NEXT EVENT: 18-19 April. Congratulations to Chino Atako who won this weekend's event with 4.5/5!  He won £200.00, and he was closely followed by Valentin Gaudeau and Gayan Peiris who won £50.00 each for joint second place on 4/5.  The £80.00 rating prize for the best player between 1680 and 1850 was won by Gautam Jain on tiebreak with 3/5.  The £80.00 rating prize for players rated Under 1680 was won on tiebreak by Tim Crouch with 2.5/5.

You can find the final crosstable here. Brendan O'Gorman's excellent pics are here.

Hampstead Playing Area

We often have a lot of half point byes on Saturday evening, and if you can't make the whole weekend we wondered whether you might be interested in playing one ECF graded game? not FIDE rated) The time control would be the same, 60 minutes each plus 30 seconds a move throughout, and the game starts at 5.30pm on Saturday 18th April and could go on to 8.30pm. 

You would be paired against someone roughly your own strength and play alongside the other players in the congress.  It would cost you £8.00, or £14.00 for players who are not already ECF SIlver members (we will upgrade you to Silver if you are already Bronze) or above (you have to be Gold to play in the congress). Email me if you are interested, and I'll pair you up with someone!  Or just register right here.

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Hampstead Chess, February 20150

Final Crosstable and Prizewinners for the 25th Hampstead: Under 2200, 21-22 February 2015

NEXT EVENT: 21-22 March. The link to the final crosstable is below.  Congratulations to Aravind, Subramanian N. and Tom Villers for their score of 4.5/5, winning £150 each. The rating prize for players 1845-1645  of £80.00 was won by Edwin Kalerwa (1825) with 3.5/5, and the Under 1645 Rating prize of £80.00 was won by Kathleen Rutherford (1512) with 2.5/5.  Well done!

A final crosstable for this weekend is here, and below!

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Hampstead Chess, February 20150 Hampstead Chess, February 20150Hampstead Chess, February 20150