Results and Prizewinners from the 28th Hampstead Congress, 16-17 May 2015

The 28th Hampstead Congress took place this weekend, 16-17 May. You can find the pairings, results and other details on the website right here.

Rob Willmoth won the event with 4.5/5 and took home £200.00. Jason Altschuler, Tom Villiers and Hajane Anbukumar scored 4/5 and finished joint 2nd with £34.00 each.  The 1630-1850 Rating prize of £80.00 was won on tiebreak by Marinel Miu on 3.5/5, and the Under 1630 Rating Prize of £80.00 was won on tiebreak by Gabriel Balouka-Myers, on 3/5 despite losing his first game when his phone went off!

On the front page of the site we've been featuring a survey about the future design of the tournament, and the 100 responses so far suggest that;
  • we should have two sections
  • more players would be interested in playing
  • players are not as keen on a rating floor of any kind
So, from June 2015 we will be registering TWO events at Hampstead - Under 2200 (Under ECF 200) and Under 1900 (Under ECF 160) with no minimum rating to enter the Under 2200 section.  Prizes in rated sections will probably be a minimum of £150, £75, and a free entry for a rating prize.  If we run an Under 135 section prizes will be based on entries but will be at a similar level.

Results and Pairings for the 27th Hampstead: Under 2200, 18-19 April 2015

NEXT EVENT: 16-17 MAY You can find the final results right here.  Gayan Peiris from Sri Lanka won £200.00 with 4.5/5, closely followed by Oscar Pollack, Tom Villiers, Chino Atako and Valentin Gaudeau with 4/5.  The 1645-1825 Rating prize of £80 was won by Oscar Pollack (1783).  The Under 1645 Rating Prize of £80 was won by Haotian Wu with 3/5.  Well done all!