Free Lunchtime Talk and a chance to improve your chess!

This Saturday after you finish your first game, walk up and talk to David Kramaley who will be in the lunch room from 10:00 to 13:45 wearing a Bristol University shirt. 

David, from Bristol University, is conducting his Master's dissertation research in chess psychology. David will also be giving a short talk about chess psychology and chess mastery in the lunch room, to get the most out of it, be sure to participate!

Prizes and Results for 40th Hampstead Congress, 11-12 June 2016

Dave Cork (on left, pictured at the Kings Place Festival)


UNDER 2200 (approximately ECF 200)

FM John Fawole

FAWOLE John Oyeyemi    2181 NGR 4½ 1st £150.00
SAMADOV Samir          1726 ENG  4 2nd £80.00
YOON Jacob D           1692 ENG 3½ Rating Prize £80.00
CELINSKI Kamil         1845 POL 3½ 

U2200 Rd11.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 g6 4.Qf3 Nf6 5.Ne2 d5 6.exd5 Bg4 7.Qb3 Bxe2 8.dxc6 Bxc4 9.Qxc4 Bd6 10.cxb7 Rb8 11.Qa4+ Nd7 12.Nc3 Qg5 13.Qe4 f5 14.Qd5 Nf6 15.Qe6+ Kd8 16.h4 Qxg2 17.Qxf6+ Be7 18.Qxh8+ Kd7 19.Qxb8 Qxh1+ 20.Ke2 e4 21.Qc8+ Kd6 22.Nb5+ Ke5 23.d4+ Kf6 24.Bg5+ Kg7 1-0

UNDER 1900 (and you have to be under ECF 160)

SPANTON Tim R          1899 ENG 4½ 1st £150.00
ASHCROFT Graham J      1863 ENG  4 =2nd £37.50
CORK David J           1777 ENG  4 =2nd £37.50
PEPE Salvatore         1653 ENG 3½ Rating Prize £80.00


BULLOCK Lee           130 ENG 4½  1st £120.00
AMABILE Domenico      128 ITA 4   =2nd £40.00
ABEDIAN Mohsen        102 ENG 4   1st Grading £40.00
UPTON Bill            108 ENG 3½  £20.00
BARLOV Alex           112 ENG 3  
MACDONALD John R      110 ENG 3

Lee Bullock

Bullock - Abedian, Rd 5 | White to play and mate

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